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Miracles Abound

After reading about Nathan and Jack’s entrance into our family, a few folks asked, “So what about Sam? What was his birth like?” As all parents know, a family is forever-changed when a child arrives, whether that arrival is through … Continue reading


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Tick Tock Time

In a recent email exchange between a few close friends, my friend Peggy, never one to mince words, wrote concerning the rapid passage of time: . . . I’m not playing girls; we are getting old fast. People are waiting … Continue reading


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The Joy of the Unexpected

My sister-in-law, finding herself overly tired and not feeling well after sending her eighteen-year-old, the oldest of 4, off to college, decided to visit her physician to see if she perhaps had a vitamin deficiency or something worse. When the … Continue reading


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In his memoir “The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother,” author James McBride recalls his mother’s answer to the question, “What color is God?” “God is the color of water,” was Ruth McBride’s answer, firmly … Continue reading


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A snapshot of my world.

     My first blog entry and I’m feeling nervous, a bit like that first-date-with-a-high-school-crush feeling. Do I look okay? More than okay? Cute? Will he like me? What will we talk about? Will he ask me out again? The first-date … Continue reading


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