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Once Upon a Time

Note – Many southern women use the endearment “daddy” when referring to their fathers, and most use the term well into adulthood. My Aunt Virginia, now in her 89th year, is one example. Stories of her father, my grandfather, often … Continue reading


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Someone’s in the Kitchen

“I need to be home by 6:30 because my mom and I are cooking Shoyu-chicken together,” was the reply given when I recently asked one of Jack’s friends when I should drive him home. Our conversation continued: “Shoyu-chicken? Really?” “Yep. … Continue reading


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Dear Sir,

Preface – I started scratching out these thoughts Sunday afternoon, the day before the tragedy in Boston. As I finished up this evening, I was reminded of the importance of communicating with others right now . . . today . . … Continue reading


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It’s All About the Hair . . . or not

Preface – A few weeks ago I decided to write an essay on hair, specifically my sons’ hair. Hair is a hot topic at our house and I thought our family might provide a unique perspective. I was wrong. Unique? … Continue reading


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Apologies from Sheila

This one IS from Sheila. Thanks to friends Tina and Peggy for informing me that someone had hacked my blog. Yikes. Comments in French, Hebrew, and Arabic had falsely-flattered me into thinking I had an international following; so much for … Continue reading


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