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This Morning in May

Note: Trying new things is so hard. I feel very comfortable with my memoir-type writing; however, attempting a short story written in the third-person causes sweat to bead-up on my forehead. I make myself do it because it’s the very … Continue reading


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Write. Just write.

Thanks to all of you who have shared your musical memories, but an especially huge thanks to Marna. Marna isn’t one to publicly comment, so reading her words ” . . . and I didn’t want to write anything but I haven’t shut … Continue reading


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I’ve Got the Music in Me

Note:  Oh my goodness gracious; this essay was fun to write. I must confess that I broke out in dance across my kitchen floor more than once while choosing which musical selections to use. The video links I sought out are classics … Continue reading


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A Picture’s Worth

Note: I worked on this week’s essay off and on all Mother’s Day Weekend, but couldn’t bring myself to post it on Sunday. I wasn’t overly sad while writing, but it was a time of deep reflection on my own parenting. Another thought … Continue reading


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One Commoner’s Take on Common Core

Prelude: Happy May 9th! My goal of always posting no later than Tuesday of each week was superceded by miles of work travel, a happy graduation event, and an in-law invasion. (Margie, that does not make you an alien.) I … Continue reading


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