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To My Teaching Colleagues – Once Again, Your Time is Now

  I’m sitting here in a small, locally owned coffee shop, sharing electricity, Wi-Fi, and coffee with a packed room of fellow St. Augustinians. People are obviously stressed and most look as though they haven’t bathed in a while, but … Continue reading


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Please read.

  Dear Teachers, It’s the first day of school here in lovely St. Johns, Florida. You’ve already been back for a week, participating in professional learning, attending staff meetings, setting up your classrooms, getting ready. Today is the reason you’ve … Continue reading


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Risky Business


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I Want to See What’s On the Other Side

I actually wrote this entry a few weeks back, but am just now finding the time to edit and post. My original thoughts about posting once a week are being revisited as I struggle to find time; I have a … Continue reading


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One Commoner’s Take on Common Core

Prelude: Happy May 9th! My goal of always posting no later than Tuesday of each week was superceded by miles of work travel, a happy graduation event, and an in-law invasion. (Margie, that does not make you an alien.) I … Continue reading


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