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Dark Snapshots of My Mother

Fifty-two years ago this month my beautiful mother, Jacqueline Virginia Gunter Roberts, took her own life at the age of 36 in a violent act, a month before my 7th birthday. Recently newsworthy people, people who appear to have been … Continue reading


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One Commoner’s Take on Common Core

Prelude: Happy May 9th! My goal of always posting no later than Tuesday of each week was superceded by miles of work travel, a happy graduation event, and an in-law invasion. (Margie, that does not make you an alien.) I … Continue reading


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Miracles Abound

After reading about Nathan and Jack’s entrance into our family, a few folks asked, “So what about Sam? What was his birth like?” As all parents know, a family is forever-changed when a child arrives, whether that arrival is through … Continue reading


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