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A Girl Named Mary

Nineteen years ago today we were living in Nairobi and I was 4 months pregnant with twin girls. Due to it being my third pregnancy, and the fact that I was carrying twins, I looked and felt “very pregnant”. As … Continue reading


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Banyan House – A Review

I recently wrote an internet review on Banyan House, the organization helping our family refocus and rebuild. Unless you personally scan the internet for information on adolescent treatment facilities (something in which I’ve recently become very engaged), you probably won’t stumble … Continue reading


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Better Not To Know

At the age of 8 my son Sam asked a “what-if” question that gives one pause. At the time of Sam’s question, Nathan was 2 ½, a sweet, but sometimes difficult boy who had completely changed the dynamics of our family. … Continue reading


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It’s All About the Hair . . . or not

Preface – A few weeks ago I decided to write an essay on hair, specifically my sons’ hair. Hair is a hot topic at our house and I thought our family might provide a unique perspective. I was wrong. Unique? … Continue reading


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