The Year of Writing More




Those who know me best love me in spite of the fact that I struggle with time management. My best ideas too often come at the last minute and setting my watch ahead in an attempt to trick myself usually backfires as I compensate for the reset. So even though the holiday has come and gone, wishing each of you a Happy 2018 on the 6th day of the new year, at least based on my track record, is actually pretty good . . . and I am determined to continue to get better as I work on being more timely this year.

Another thing I’d like to work on in the upcoming year is writing more consistently and more often. Anne Lamott, author of the writing guide “Bird by Bird” and one of my favorite authors and humans, recently tweeted:

“If you write for a while today, you have a feeling of excitement, even if the writing is inadequate and too long, which it almost certainly will be.”

Lamott reassures writers that most days the writing left on the non-scrunched up paper will be fairly lousy but to continue putting ink-to-paper anyway. While writing daily won’t necessarily make me a super-star writer, NOT writing guarantees that I’ll never get better than I am in the now.

So . . . brace your inboxes as my goal is to put stuff out there. Words, lots and lots of words. Many will be lousy, some will not interest, but each will force me to stay the writing course. As always, feedback appreciated.

Love, hugs, and much joy to you in 2018 –



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3 Responses to The Year of Writing More

  1. emily roberts

    good for you. i look forward to reading — even if it’s lousy! it’s true — it’s better than nothing, and in the midst of it, there will be little or big nuggets of good!
    supporting you, em

  2. Penny Kennedy

    I look forward to reading the musings of your heart. I’ve missed reading them, so I went back to read some of my favorites. God bless this New Year!
    1 Thes. 5:11

  3. Vicki Summers

    Happy New Year! We hope to visit y’all in Vilano Beach this year!

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